Buddha bowls with spicy satay sauce

Another day, another stir-fry. Well, what can I say? We love our veggies.

I like trying new stir-fry sauces, and this one is a winner. Creamy and spicy and very more-ish. It’s more or less this recipe from Ken Hom.

I used half tahini and half peanut butter; one tablespoon of rice vinegar instead of two; and more water to make a thinner sauce. I actually thinned it a bit too much, so added some cornflour (cornstarch) dissolved in cold water, to thicken it back up. I also started by sauteing the garlic in the chilli oil for one minute, then adding the chilli bean sauce and sauteing for another minute, before adding water and the other ingredients, and simmering for a few minutes.

For the veggies I used a couple packages of marked-down stir-fry veg from Waitrose, plus a package of enoki mushrooms. Plus homemade pan-fried tofu for the protein bit.



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