Caribbean macaroni pie and coconut turnovers

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Today for my MoFo vegan world tour, I am featuring a couple of tester recipes courtesy of Taymer and her blog of Caribbean delights, Vegan in the Sun.

Vegan Bajan macaroni pie

First up is Cheeseless Vegan Bajan Macaroni Pie. I made this tonight and it was so tasty and delicious, I really had to fight back the little devil on my shoulder who was prodding me with his little pitchfork and saying “I know you’re full, but it tastes sooo good… go on, finish it off”.

It was so full of creamy cheesy goodness that Mr Thrifty couldn’t believe there was no commercial vegan cheese in it. The other thing I loved about this sauce is that it doesn’t congeal when it cools down the way cheese sauce made with commercial vegan cheese does.

After you’ve finished salivating over the photo, you really must hop on over to Taymer’s blog and check out the background on this culinary piece of heaven.

Vegan coconut turnovers

I made these scrumptious Coconut turnovers a couple of weeks back. Even though I messed up on the sweet dough (dough and I don’t always get along, doh!), they were still amazingly delicious. The almond-scented coconut filling was delightful. If you want to see what they are supposed to look like, be sure to check out Taymer’s food-porn shot here.


  1. that looks even cheesier than mine and the turnovers look neat as in tidy and very cute. Do not worry about the dough sometimes I have a bad dough day. I think there should be a law against making dough in cold weather. Just kidding. You have me salivating over that pie. It looks like cheesy goodness. I cannot believe it is mine. Really great job

  2. Wow that looks really good. You are really good at creating complex meals. We’re gonna meet someday and I’m gonna make you cook for me, 24 hours a day!

    (oh wait, Halloween is over)

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