Mezze meal and a Methuselah squash

Tonight’s meal was what we call a mezze meal. Basically it’s bits of this and that, not related by cuisine or theme.

One of our mezzes may include: fried snacks, eg. samosas or spring rolls; hot nibbles like veggie sausage rolls or chips; storecupboard stuff eg. dolmades; assorted salads and pickles; and so on.

Tonight’s mezze included maple-roasted squash, chips, Greek giant beans, broccoli salad with sesame dressing, pickled beetroot [not shown in photo] and some crusty rolls from Waitrose.

The squash was one that we grew last year… yes that’s right, grown and harvested over one year ago and residing in our garage ever since. (Okay, so not quite Methuselah). I’d grown quite attached to it, but it was time for it to finally go under the knife.

I cut the squash into chunks, removed what little dried-out innards remained (along with some very fat seeds, destined for planting next year), trimmed off the rind and roasted the flesh with coconut oil and maple syrup. Yum!

This got me wondering if squash usually keeps this long, or if this was a freak of nature. Anyone who can enlighten me, feel free. For the record, it was a blue banana squash, with seed purchased from Real Seeds.


  1. I had no idea squash would keep that long either. The dinner looks great, especially the squash…maple syrup and coconut oil you say? YUM!

  2. That is one big squash! Sounds like he was squatting in your garage. LOL!

  3. Squash chips–what a fabulous idea! This sounds tasty and AWESOME!!!

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