Jun 202011
Potato salad with garlic & herbs

This yumm-tastic ‘tater salad is the perfect way to enjoy those new potatoes you’ve been digging from the allotment or garden (or, if you are less fortunate, buying from the store). Be sure to use new potatoes (or another waxy potato) for this recipe, as they stay firm when cooked (provided you don’t overcook them, of course). Our freshly dug

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Mar 162011
Jerusalem artichoke rösti

Last year we grew Jerusalem artichokes for the first time, down at the allotment. They were a resounding success, reaching over 10 feet in height and producing lots of delicious tubers. Jerusalem artichokes can be kept over winter in the ground, and dug as required. It’s now that time of the year when all the remaining Jerusalem artichoke tubers need

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Feb 282011
Ultimate tahini salad dressing

I love tahini, and for quite some time have been in search of the ultimate tahini salad dressing. I tried various recipes, but none really hit the mark until I made a modification of this recipe. Oh! So! Scrumptious! This really is a delicious dressing, the new favourite for both myself and Mr Thrifty. I’ve made it with either fresh

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Jan 262011
Veggie haggis perfection

In celebration of Burns Night (January 25th) I decided to again try making homemade veggie haggis. My first attempt turned out pretty well, but was too moist. Second try resulted in a haggis a lot like a commercial vegetarian haggis, though a bit dry. Third attempt, this past weekend… veggie haggis perfection! Now again I hear you asking the question…

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Dec 092010
Greek lentil soup

It’s taken me ages to make a Greek lentil soup that I really like. The ones I’ve made in the past were okay, but nothing special. Most recipes for Greek lentil soup that I’ve tried use too many lentils in proportion to liquid ingredients for my taste. A lot use vinegar, which I’ve decided I don’t like in soup (at

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Nov 302010
Buddha bowls with spicy satay sauce

Another day, another stir-fry. Well, what can I say? We love our veggies. I like trying new stir-fry sauces, and this one is a winner. Creamy and spicy and very more-ish. It’s more or less this recipe from Ken Hom. I used half tahini and half peanut butter; one tablespoon of rice vinegar instead of two; and more water to

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Nov 292010
Slow cooker chili with a Mexican twist

It is freakin’ cold here, the temperature has not above freezing for days, which is very unusual for these parts. We’re very frugal with the heating (I blame my Scottish highland ancestors) and it’s difficult to get enthused about spending a couple of hours creating something spectacular in the kitchen when it’s only 11C (52F) inside. So today we had

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Nov 282010
A week of vegan meals! (plus cats)

Well, it appears I’ve fallen off the daily-vegan-MoFo-blogging wagon. But never mind, today I bring you — all together in one post — a week of vegan meals! It’s difficult to get excited enough to blog about the same meals over and over. But I did take pictures of most of our week’s meals, and even went into the vault

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Nov 212010
Weekend eats!

A typical weekend of eats here in Thriftyville. Friday night being (of course) pizza night. Saturday, a mezze meal… little bit of this & that, a great way to use up leftovers. And that great British Sunday tradition, the roast dinner! Friday’s pizza was made with Sainsbury’s onion & balsamic vinegar pitta breads, topped with pasta sauce, mozza Cheezly, mushrooms,

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