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Please note that all recipes are vegan 🙂

5:2 recipes
The 5:2 diet, vegan-style
Creamy curried mushrooms (114 calories)
Fried veg with rice & tofu (244 calories)
Macaroni with sauteed veg (245 calories)

Almond milk
Cashew milk
Elderflower cordial
Hot cocoa

Blackberry pineapple wine
Dandelion wine
Cider (alcoholic)
Elderberry-raspberry wine
Raspberry wine

Dips, dressings & seasonings
Garlic dip
Pico de gallo (fresh tomato salsa)
Taco seasoning mix
Teriyaki marinade
Tomatillo salsa
Ultimate tahini salad dressing

Gravies & sauces
Barbecue sauce
Black bean stir-fry sauce
Creamy mushroom gravy
Ginger-garlic-soy stir-fry sauce
Indonesian peanut stir-fry sauce
Spicy chilli stir-fry-sauce
Spicy satay stir-fry sauce
Tahini sauce
Tahini yogurt sauce
“Turkey” gravy

Pizza crust

Breakfast & brunch
Breakfast sausages
Creamy mushrooms on toast
Golden tofu scramble
Hash browns
Hash browns (different method)
Home fries
Jerusalem artichoke rösti
Perfect vegan pancakes
“Sausage” breakfast patties

Sandwiches (see also “Burgers” below)
Heavenly falafel sandwiches
Lebanese potatoes in pita (batata harra)
Onion bhaji sandwiches

Broccoli (or spinach) salad with sesame dressing (Burokkori/Horenso no goma ae)
Caesar salad
Potato salad with garlic & herbs
Spicy Spanish potato salad

Black bean & sweetcorn soup
Carrot soup with Thai flavours
Creamy chickpea & potato soup with spinach
Creamy coconut chickpea soup
Greek lentil soup
Mexican mixed bean & lentil soup
Ramen soup deluxe
Red lentil soup with carrots
Spiced parsnip soup
Summer minestrone
Winter squash & red lentil soup

Side dishes
Crispy kale
Hash browns
Home fries
Jerusalem artichoke rösti
Mr Thrifty’s special mash
Oven potato wedges
Potato wedges on the barbie with garlic dip
Roasted cauliflower & brussels sprouts
Roasted Greek potatoes
Roasted new potatoes with garlic & herbs
Roasted potatoes
Spinach toran
Wild rice stuffing
Yorkshire puddings (vegan!)

Pizza & pasta
Creamy courgette [zucchini] lasagne
Mushroom lasagne
Pasta with avocado pesto
Pasta with “shrimp”, broccoli & “cream” sauce
Pepper & “sausage” pasta bake
Pizza – French bread base
Pizza – pita base
Pizza – “ham”, pineapple & mushroom
Pizza – mushroom & “pepperoni”
Pizza – “shrimp”
Spaghetti bolognese

Grillable tofu burgers
“Hamburger” steaks
Marvellous mushroom burgers
Nutty wild rice burgers
“Sausage” breakfast patties
Savoury veggie burgers
Spicy butterbean burgers
Spicy mushroom & chickpea burgers
Teriyaki tofu burgers

Mock meats
Barbecued “ribs”
Chickeny seitan cutlets
Deli slices — ham-style
Deli slices — turkey-style
“Hamburger” steaks
Okara “meat”loaf
Sausage breakfast patties
Sausages – bratwurst (wheat gluten & tofu)
Sausages – breakfast (wheat gluten & tofu)
Sausages with sundried tomatoes (wheat gluten & tofu)
Sausages (wheat gluten & beans)
Sausages (wheat gluten & mushrooms)
Seitan turkey roast with wild rice stuffing
Seitan turkey roast version 2.0
Slow-cooked seitan beef
Vegetarian haggis
Veggie hotdogs (wheat gluten & tofu)
Veggie hotdogs (wheat gluten & okara)

Other main dishes
Alpine farmer’s macaroni
Cashew nut roast with herb stuffing
Cauliflower, potato & chickpea curry
Chana daal with fresh spinach
Creamy asparagus mushroom hotpot
Creole jambalaya
Greek moussaka
Irish stew (slow cooker)
Italian “sausage” & peppers
Lebanese potatoes in pita (batata harra)
Lentil taco salad
Mexican tortilla bake
Rendang Malaysian tofu and coconut curry
No-mad-cowboy chili
Spicy Mexican hash
Succulent mountain mushrooms
Thai curry with winter squash & potatoes
Thai curry with mixed veg
Thai-style noodles
Tofu pot pie
TVP chili (slow cooker)
TVP chili with a Mexican twist (slow cooker)
Ukrainian cabbage rolls (holubtsi)
Vegetable & tofu enchiladas
Very spicy, delicious chickpeas

Lemon curd (vegan!)

Sweet things
Apricot oat bran muffins
Banana chocolate chip muffins
Cherry almond muffins
Coconut cherry flapjacks
Cranberry bran muffins

Cooking beans in a thermos
Homemade liquid hand soap
How to open a coconut
Vegetarian fat cakes for birds


  1. Hi I saved a wonderful recipe of yours and it was a nut roast that my whole family loved. Recently when I went to look for it in my reading list, it came up as page not found! Is there anyway at all that I could please get a copy? Thank you kindly.

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