Slow-cooked seitan beef

Awhile back, I came across a recipe for slow-cooked seitan and have been wanting to try it ever since.

Usually I am not coordinated enough to start preparing a meal the day before, but this weekend, I was.

The recipe for Roast Beast (slow-cooked seitan “beef”) is courtesy of Kreeli’s Tasties. I made 1/3 the recipe, and modified the seasonings. After I mixed up the ingredients, I realised that there is a newer version of the recipe here, which uses less tapioca starch and more oatmeal. I think I will try the modified version next time, to make it just a bit firmer.

But the version I made was excellent anyway. The roast is cooked overnight in a slow cooker… I cooked it for 18 hours on low, then switched the setting to warm for another couple of hours. The seitan was very juicy and tender, quite different from any seitan I’ve made in the past. Mr Thrifty had the idea to pan-fry slices of the cooked roast in a bit of oil to give them a slightly crispy exterior, and it worked a treat.

The roast was served with Dijon mustard and gravy, along with stuffing balls (Paxo, alas, not homemade), maple-glazed  parsnips, sauteed brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes.

Mmmm, I do love a good Sunday roast dinner!


  1. Wow, this sounds so good! Looks like a really satisfying plate of food..I’m going to have to try it for sure.

  2. That looks amazing. I just made a big batch of seitan cutlets today, but I am definitely going to try this next time! Thanks for the link to the recipe!!

  3. That looks amazing. Such a deep gorgeous colour and a little bit crispy on the edges and just freaking perfect really. You’re making me want a slow cooker!

  4. My only concern with the newer version you’ve linked to is the amount of soy. 1 1/4 cups. That seems like a lot even with low sodium. Not to mention expensive. The recipe does sound good, however.

  5. Thanks for the link on this post. So glad you liked the recipe.

    Just a note to Mark, most of the soy sauce used in that revised recipe is in the broth – it doesn’t get entirely absorbed by the roast. You can reserve the broth to use in small amounts in other sauces or stews. Or you can simply reduce the amount of soy sauce in it entirely to suit your own tastes.

  6. Where’s the recipe?

    • Hi Tanya — the links are in the text… click on the words “Roast Beast”, and also the word “here” in the phrase “newer version of the recipe here”.

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