Vegan lemon curd

Question: What do you do with a couple of overgrown courgettes [zucchini] that have been languishing in the cupboard for the past, well, several weeks?

Answer: why you make vegan lemon curd, of course!

I’d seen recipes for lemon curd using marrows (just to be clear: I’m talking the marrow vegetable here, NOT the stuff that’s inside of bones), and most reviews of said recipes came to the same conclusion: nice, but really, really sweet.

Then I came across this recipe from nipitinthebud, who made three batches of marrow cream, reducing the sugar each time. When I made it, I reduced the sugar by one quarter yet again. Most of the recipes you see for marrow cream use almost as much sugar by weight as marrow (3-1/2 pounds sugar to 4 pounds marrow), but I used about 84% less sugar than this, and find it plenty sweet enough.

Other than reducing the sugar, I followed the recipe pretty closely, substituting vegan margarine for butter and using more lemon zest. And of course using overgrown courgettes instead of a monster marrow. I steamed the marrow flesh instead of boiling it, as I was making only about 1/5 of the recipe and this amount fit into my steamer. After I cooked the mixture for 45 minutes, it didn’t look thick enough, but I didn’t want to accidentally burn it, and thought it might thicken more as it cooled. It did, but not enough. So after a couple of days of eating it over Swedish Glace, I reheated it and added some cornflour [cornstarch] mixed with a bit of cold water, to thicken it up. (In restrospect, I probably added a bit too much cornflour.)

Okay, so how does it taste? Well — both to me and Mr Thrifty — it tastes exactly like lemon curd. Or at least, what we remember lemon curd tastes like.

I am psyched now to make orange curd, lime curd and grapefruit curd. Nom!


  1. This is so interesting…I’ve never heard of making a cream out of marrow or their courgette cousins. This sounds like something I want to try for sure!

  2. What an interesting recipe. I usually use leftover zucchini, as we call them in Canada, to make muffins. But this is a great idea!! Lucky you to have access to Swedish Glace 🙂

  3. Oooh I so can not wait to try this recipe. I LOVE lemon curd.

  4. yay, glad to hear your variation turned out well too. It’s lovely isn’t it. I describe it to people as tasting like lemon curd but with the texture of pureed apple.
    Unlike last year when I had courgettes coming out of my ears this year I had just a handful of very small ones so didn’t get to make any lemon cream this year. hey ho, British weather is so unpredicatable!

  5. Hey nic — Yeah, there is always stuff that grows well in any particular summer and stuff that doesn’t. Though some things, like sweetcorn and potatoes, always seem to do well. Leeks were a complete write-off this year.

  6. I LOVE the pic of your zucchinis!!! Awesome and amazing. 🙂

  7. I just found your site, and love it!! I hope you still find the time to maintain it! This particular post interested me, as well as the vegan meatballs! I don’t see the recipe for it though , can you repost it? BTW, did you finally keep chickens?!
    Thanks so much!!

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