A week of vegan meals! (plus cats)

It’s difficult to get excited enough to blog about the same meals over and over. But I did take pictures of most of our week’s meals, and even went into the vault to share a couple of cat pics.

Monday: homemade veggie hotdogs with Greek salad and potato wedges. That weird-looking stuff on the hotdogs is in fact caramelised onion chutney from Costco, and even though it doesn’t look appetising in the photo, it tastes really yummy.

Tuesday: another Buddha bowl stir-fry. Apparently, we eat stir-fries a lot. Since one looks pretty much the same as another, I didn’t take a photo, but I did take one of Mr Thrifty holding this giant Chinese radish. One of our allotment neighbours, Yan, gave it to us. I’m definitely going to grow these next year if I can get some seed from Yan. Chinese radish is great to eat raw, and awesome in a stir-fry.

Wednesday: veggie weiners & beans on toast, wedges (again) and rocket with sun-dried tomatoes.

Thursday: homemade veggie burgers, oven chips and a salad made from shredded carrots and yacon. We grew yacon for the first time this year, and we are going to keep growing it. It produces big, crisp, juicy tubers that are great in stir-fries or raw in salad.

Friday we had pita pizzas again, with Cheezly, mushrooms, onions and veggie bacon bits. Evidently I didn’t take a photo, however, here is one of The King instead.

Saturday: Buddha bowls yet again. And a photo of Princess Caraboo.

Sunday: roast dinner with veggie haggis version 2.0, roasted potatoes & Jerusalem artichokes, mushroom gravy, peas, braised leeks and sweetcorn from the freezer (grown at our allotment this summer). The haggis turned out more like commercial veggie haggis, but I think I prefer the one I made last week. Next time I’ll aim for a result in between the two.

There you have it. A week of delectable vegan meals!


  1. KITTEES!!!!
    You eat very similar meals to me.
    Well done for all your MoFo’ing.
    *high fives*

  2. high fives back at ya, Jeni! Congrats on the mega-posting-blitz for MoFo! Woot!

  3. I just wanted to send out a general comment to say how much i love your blog. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m not vegan yet, still on the vegetarian train, but I was looking for a blog for people who are frugal, care about the earth, and has recipes. Needless to say your blog is brilliant and spot on. Keep it up, you rock.

    • Thanks very much for the kind words, Deborah. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to keep up with the blog, but it’s people like you that give me the kick in the backside I sometimes need! 😉

  4. Just finding your blog now, lots of great stuff here. Would be great if there were links to recipes in the above post, but I guess I will just be forced to look through all the tempting recipes…. Nice to see ‘real people’ food and gardening tidbits, made all the much better with kitty pics! Your cats are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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