Happy Halloween!

The awesome carved pumpkin you see above is not only the first one ever carved in the Thrifty household, but it has been carved from a pumpkin that we grew ourselves, down at the allotment. Yay!

The flesh that was carved away has been steamed, and may be destined for pumpkin muffins. The seeds have also been saved, as they are huge and plump, so I will figure out the best way to roast those bad boys.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!


  1. Geoff, Anna and Roy

    Great site. Well done to you and the pumpkin carver. What did it taste like when cooked by candle?

    Roy is here and we are off to see Jonnie English

    Love A G and R

    • It’s now well shrivelled and headed for the compost heap! I did cook the bits which we carved out, but have been mixing it in with the cats’ food. Two paws up from them 😀

  2. Ann....The vegan Phoenix

    Congratulations on a fab site….just loving the recipes. I just love cooking with pumpkins and squashes and the hens love the roasted seeds.

  3. Oh theat is a fabulous specimen – love it when a pumpkin is used for grub as well as decour, then maybe destined for the compost bin.

  4. That looks really good my man, must have taken a long time!
    Where do find the time to do this sort of thing?
    BTW great site!:-)

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