Matar mushroom, rajma chawal & more!

Matar mushroom, rajma chawal, simla mirch bharata, aloo dum

Last night my father-in-law came over for an evening meal, and I decided to make curry.

Feeling bored with my usual repertoire of Indian food, I made some different things, all of which were extremely tasty and went over a treat.

On the menu was matar mushroom (mushroom & peas curry), rajma chawal (kidney bean curry), aloo dum (potato curry) and simla mirch bharata (bell peppers with garlic curry). Also rice, papadums, and store-bought samosas and pakoras.

The mushroom/pea, kidney bean and potato curries were all from a fab site I just discovered, Manjula’s kitchen. Not only does the website have full detailed recipes, but also video tutorials of “Auntie” Manjula demonstrating exactly how to make each dish. I know I will be visiting this site regularly.

The bell pepper curry was from one of my Indian vegetarian cookery books whose name escapes me at the moment.

A very successful meal and one which we be having again tomorrow as there were lots of leftovers. Thank you, Auntie Manjula!


  1. That looks so good. Can I come over and eat at your place? Good things happen when you get “bored.” 🙂 Your creative cooking is never boring to me. YUMYUMYUM.

  2. We’re going over to CM’s place for vegan eggs benedict! I’m making her make room for us.

    I’m sure we’ll be stuffed until it’s time to go over to your place for a good Indian feast!

    Gawd, I love my friends!

  3. This is a beautiful plate. Thanks for the site. I am always making Indian dishes at home and it is good to get a site with some authenticity.I am hungry now…

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