Rendang Malaysian tofu and coconut curry

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We decided to have another curry tonight, this time using a Malaysian recipe. I’m not sure how authentic tofu is in a Malaysian curry, but it looked and sounded good.

Rendang Malaysian tofu curry

The recipe is from Cauldron tofu, and the only changes I made were to use creamed coconut mixed with water rather than coconut milk; and to fry my own tofu instead of using pre-fried tofu. Also I made half the recipe to make two servings instead of four.

All I can say is, WOW! The curry was bursting with exotic flavours and proved to be very more-ish.

I served it with a variation of Malaysian Kang Kong (love that name!), which is chilli fried spinach. Instead of spinach, I used a mix of greens because we have a lot of them at the allotment at the moment: spinach, perpetual spinach, amaranth, turnip greens, chinese cabbage and broccoletto. I used the same technique that I usually use for stir-fried greens: blanch them for a minute, rinse in cold water and squeeze the water out. Then stir-fry minced garlic and fresh chilli in groundnut oil for a minute, add the greens and cook until they are hot. Season with salt and a bit of sugar.

The greens were also scrumptious. I served the curry and greens in our Buddha bowls with plain rice.

It was my first time trying Malaysian food, but if it’s all this tasty, I shall be trying more recipes soon!


  1. Nice! We have a Malaysian restaurant here in Boston..I love the flavor combos there. This looks delicious!!

  2. I love Malaysian food. Full of flavors and it can easily be veganized. The base is usually vegetarian anyway.

    That rendang tofu looks good.
    Now send some over!

    I said please=)

  3. This is something i’ve always wanted to make- sounds good

  4. Looks delicious, and who says tofu can’t be Malaysian? Happy Thanksgiving in absentia! I liked the pumpkin pie. We have over a month until our own celebration, but it is unseasonably cold here so it seems like it would be sooner. I mean cold! The garden has already frozen and been snowed on. Ouch!

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