Slow cooker chili with a Mexican twist

It is freakin’ cold here, the temperature has not above freezing for days, which is very unusual for these parts. We’re very frugal with the heating (I blame my Scottish highland ancestors) and it’s difficult to get enthused about spending a couple of hours creating something spectacular in the kitchen when it’s only 11C (52F) inside.

So today we had a meal that required spending minimal time in the frigid kitchen: slow cooker chili. It’s similar (but simpler) than the chili I made a couple of weeks ago in the slow cooker. I gave it a Mexican twist by using passata (tomato sauce) and salsa instead of tinned tomatoes, and leftover taco seasoning mix instead of the individual spices. It tasted great, with a slight sweetness from the salsa.

We served it with garlic toast and a Caesar salad.

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  1. A bit of heat in yer belly soon warms you up and I bet that did the trick no problem.
    Keep warm!

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