Ban the cruel seal trade!

Please help protect me from slaughter

As most of you probably know, Canada participates in a cruel and morally-bankrupt annual slaughter of seals on its Newfoundland ice flows, allegedly because the seals are eating all of the fish. (Never mind that seals and fish have lived in harmony for centuries, suddenly it’s the seals — not humans and their grossly mismanaged fishery — that are behind the precipitous decline in fish populations.)

If you live in Canada, click here to help the seals. If you live in the United States, click here to help the seals.

For my European readers, what follows is especially for you!

On Tuesday, May 5th, the European Parliament will vote on proposal to ban seal product trade in the European Union.

If you live in the EU, there are three things YOU can do to help the seals.

1. Sign the Humane Society International’s petition in support of a total ban: Ban the cruel seal trade. Your signature will be sent to the European Commission.

2. Write to your MEP (Member of the European Parliament) to ask them to support a ban. You can find out who your MEPs are and send them an email from here: Ask your MEP to ban the seal trade.

3. Encourage your Environment Minister to support a total ban. If your country’s Environment Minister currently supports the ban, send an email to encourage them to stick to their decision. If they don’t support the ban, write to ask them to change their minds. See if your Environment Minister supports the ban and write to them about their decision.

Thank you from Felicity and the seals!


  1. A few weeks ago Spain joined the growing list of countries that voted to ban all seal products in the EU. It is just a matter of time before Canada sees sense – such a tragic shame that sooo many seals will have died before this decision is made.

  2. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would do this to seals or any other animals…but thank you for bringing knowledge to the masses!

  3. Thanks for posting this..I’m thrilled about the EU ban!!

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