Broccoli salad with sesame dressing

Broccoli salad with sesame dressing

I love this simple Japanese dish, Burokkori no goma ae, or Broccoli salad with sesame dressing.

You can use the same dressing on cold cooked spinach to make Horenso no goma ae, which is, yes you guessed it, Spinach salad with sesame dressing.

We served this with a feast of sushi we brought back from a day trip to London. I really must learn how to make my own sushi. But at least I know how to make this salad. The recipe is from a Japanese vegetarian cookbook whose name escapes me at the moment.

British       American
250g   broccoli florets   1/2 pound
4 tablespoons   sesame seeds, toasted   4 tablespoons
3 tablespoons   Japanese soy sauce   3 tablespoons
1 tablespoon   caster sugar   1 tablespoon

1. Cook broccoli florets in simmering salted water for two to three minutes, until al dente. Plunge into cold water, then drain.

2. If you’re starting with raw sesame seeds, toast them in a dry, heavy skillet until they are starting to colour.

3. With a mortar and pestle, crush three tablespoons of the sesame seeds until finely ground. Gradually incorporate soy sauce, then sugar. You’ll have a relatively smooth, thick dressing.

4. Arrange broccoli in individual serving bowls. Top with dressing and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Makes two large or four smaller servings.


  1. Wow simple – my kind of dish. You know what I love!
    You really do!

    Too bad I had my brocolli yesterday. Gonna have to wait till next week to the Farmer’s Market.

  2. That looks great! Our asparagus is just coming up, and I’ll be it would taste great on that.

  3. looks delicious. I wish I had been less of a slacker and checked this post out before today because I made a japanese feast for andy last night.

    sushi is easy to make. the only hard part is making the vinegar rice. i follow the recipe on the lundburg rice site. oh, and making sure you keep your hands wet when you mush the rice on the nori (without soaking the nori). mmmmm…. sushi.

  4. Denny — I *did* think of you when I made this!

    Claire — The dressing would be great on asparagus.

    Bethany — I will check out the sushi recipe on the Lundberg site… thanks 🙂 Looking forward to your post about the japanese feast 😉

  5. great simple recipe, I’ll def give it a try.

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