Buddha bowls!

I looove Buddha bowls… my name for a ginormous bowl of stir-fried veggies and sauce.

A favourite in the Thrifty household is spicy chilli sauce. Fresh chillies, garlic and chilli bean paste make for an addictively delicious sinus-clearing sauce.

During the summer, the contents of our Buddha bowls were largely homegrown. Courgette (zucchini), sugar snap peas, mange tout (snow peas), baby corn, beans, achocha, chard and Chinese greens were all used regularly.

Alas, with summer gone, tonight’s Buddha bowl had decidedly less homegrown veg: baby corn from the freezer and yacon, a juicy and crunchy root vegetable that is quite like water chestnuts. This was rounded out with Chinese cabbage, button mushrooms, dried Chinese mushrooms and carrots.

I used Redwood’s chicken-style pieces for the obligatory protein part of the meal. (If only I could figure out how to back-engineer those little heavenly morsels…)


  1. Your bowls sound great! Especially the ones with all the homegrown produce! I love the sound of that homemade chili sauce too!

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