Christmas vegan feast!

Vegan turkey roulade with wild rice stuffing

I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas dinner. It just wouldn’t seem right without turkey, stuffing and gravy, along with generous portions of veg like potatoes, parsnips, leeks and Brussels sprouts.

But Christmas should be about spreading goodwill to ALL creatures, not just those of the homo sapiens variety, so of course in the Thrifty household, the turkey is faux, the gravy contains not a drop of animal fat, and no butter adorns the veg.

This year I decided to make a vegan turkey roulade with wild rice stuffing. It turned out absolutely delicious, and I wouldn’t hesitate to make it again, or to serve it to company.

Side dishes were potato and parsnip rosti (I have absolutely no luck making rosti into cakes, but it was yummy nonetheless), roasted sprouts and braised leeks. And, of course, gravy.

Recipes will follow soon, but I hope you enjoy the photos in the meantime.

Peace and joy to all creatures.


  1. That plate looks wonderful! That roulade especially. The wild rice stuffing looks and sounds great!

  2. Your roast looks delicious. Happy Christmas Felicity!

  3. This looks delicious! I am looking forward to the recipes. Happy holidays!

  4. yea I’m def coming to ur place next x-mas.

    self-invited…shameless I know 😉

    wheee recipe…u rule!

  5. baby bear would LOVE to meet the flurry thrifty clan. Perhaps a series of Baby Bear travels the world and eat yummy food.

    baby bear is climbing over the keyboard trying to reach the plate….

    omg parsnip rosti…that’s almost too sexy

  6. Looks really yummy, I can hardly wait for the recipes.

    have a great new year 🙂

  7. Hi I am having Christmas at my house this year and my brother and neice are vegan, you roulade would be the perfect main course for them..can you please send me the recipe for it and i would love to share it with family as well…not easy finding different dishes that suit the occassions… thank you very much and have a wonderful Christmas and a very Safe New Year

  8. Your roulade recipe looks wonderful, please could I have the recipe. Thanks so much

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