International year of the potato

potatoes from our allotment

I am happy to announce that 2008 is International year of the potato. Okay, so I’m 6½ months late to the (dinner) plate with this announcement, but I’ve only just made the discovery myself a few short weeks ago.

The United Nations has put the humble spud on a pedestal this year, and has suggested that potatoes could help mitigate the effects of food price inflation (which we all know is nowhere near Alistair “la-la land” Darling’s 2% claim). That’s because potatoes produce “more nutritious food more quickly, on less land, and in harsher climates than any other major crop”.

All I know is that the versatile potato tastes great. To this end, I’ll be tantalising your taste buds with tater recipes in the coming months.

All hail the spud!

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