My big fat American freezer


An entire week ago (has it really been that long?), I was tagged by Jeni at Heathen Vegan. Seems she wants to see the vegan delights that reside in my freezer, huh!

I love my big American-style freezer, but it had gotten just a teensy bit disorganised of late. So here was my chance to re-organise it, take some piccies, and share it with everyone in blogland.

My freezer is big and silver and oh-so-sleek. It has five pull-out drawers and two shelves with pull-down doors. And it’s in the garage where it’s dark (not good for taking pictures). And I had to re-organise the stuff. So I took all the drawers out into the lounge (Amerispeak=living room), re-organised it all, took pictures and notes, and then put it all back. (The contents of the two top shelves were temporarily emptied into cardboard boxes.) Here goes…

Drawer #1: homemade fruity things: blackberry juice, applesauce, and an assortment of jams featuring Victoria plums, blackberries and elderberries.

Drawer #2: miscellaneous stuff: green beans, sweetcorn, chestnuts, half jars of korma sauce & mushroom sauce, chipotle chiles in adobo, tomatoes (leftovers from when I only needed half a tin), passata (another half jar), coconut milk, shredded fresh coconut, homemade croustade base (for making this really scrummy leek dish), homemade marinara sauce, herbs (basil, mint, curry leaves), and several jars of fresh apple juice that is awaiting its fate as cider!

Drawer #3: faux meat stuff: crispy tiger prawns, yam rolls, cod fillet, fishless steak, oysters, chicken, crispy aromatic duck, rashers, Linda McCartney country pies, mixed bean chili, homemade sausages, hotdogs & deli slices. I am learning to make my own fake meaty things but obviously I’ve a ways to go yet!

Drawer #4: frooot: elderberries, blackberries, sloes, strawberries, cranberries. Destined for making homemade wine!

Drawer #5: more miscellany: homemade meatless meatballs, fresh ginger, XO sauce (from a veggie Chinese restaurant), homemade ice cream base (I think it’s strawberry soy yogurt), Jus-Rol vol-au-vents, cherry juice (for wine-making).

Shelf #1: bread & flour type stuff: plain flour, strong flour, self-raising flour, wheat gluten, springroll/samosa pastry, Chinese dumpling pastry, bagels, mini naans, Jus-Rol filo pastry, tortillas (I usually make them, but these ones were bought… homemade ones are much better), linseed, bread cubes (for making stuffing).

Shelf #2: yet more miscellany: frozen grapes (for wine-making), pumpkin seeds, walnuts, more homemade ice cream base, more apple juice, glutinous rice balls with peanut filling and… wild blueberry Swedish Glace.


(The lucky, lucky bloggers that I choose to bare their freezers to the world will be nominated tomorrow.)


  1. YAY!
    You sure have a full freezer (I knew you would…I just knew!!).
    I’ll take draw 3 please.

  2. hehe, now how did I know that you would choose drawer 3? 😆

  3. Hi where do you get the fake crispy tiger prawns from?

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