The marketing scam of the century

The title of an article in the Independent caught my eye the other day: The marketing scam of the century.

I’ve never been the kind of gal to have a “shoe wardrobe” or a “handbag wardrobe”, and although I sometimes peruse articles like 10 must-have fashion essentials for summer, the items in question never seem to be “essential” enough to find their way into my wardrobe. Part of it is an aversion to being told what I “should” be wearing; another part is that I have to really like something in order to spend my spondoolies on it (why yes, I do believe there is some Scottish blood in me, why do you ask?). Weird as this may sound, I actually believe I can live without the likes of this “Nana” dress (a Marie Claire buy-of-the-day):

where would I wear this dress?

The gist of the Independent article is that most of us buy way too much stuff. We’ve been seduced into believing that we “need” a whole raft of things in order to find personal fulfillment / happiness / nirvana / etcetera. But it’s all a con game. We don’t need most of the stuff that’s marketed to us, and we only think we want it.

So the lesson for today, kiddies, is think before you buy, and don’t let yourself be manipulated by those ruthless marketers. Heck, you may even realise that you, too, can put that Nana dress back on the rack.


  1. Hi

    and welcome to Blogland. Good points made in that article – perhaps “I consume – therefore I am” could be the motto for late 20th century/early 21st century? It is actually somewhat sad – as in literally – if people have shopping as a hobby. I witnessed the sight this week of people literally queueing out the door of a shop for the latest consumer “goodie” and the thought that struck me was that it felt to me like they all had a similar expression on their face – cant quite think how best to describe it – but it looked to me like a sense of anticipation/triumph and just plain Greed actually. They were after the “latest greatest” mobile phone – frankly I was thinking “What’s the point? As long as I have a mobile phone then I’m okay – and the simplest, most basic one (swopped only when the last one “gives up the ghost” will do me)”.

    I mean ter say – I’m not perfect by any means on the consuming front – but I’m trying to work on it and I really dont see the point in having “consuming” as a hobby. Personally…I’d rather keep up with friends or listen to music or read a good book…the list goes on…Shopping comes under the heading “regrettable necessity” in my mind.



  2. Ho ho ho…. a girl after my own heart! I’m am so lucky that I aren’t a follower of fashion! And yes I also realise what a crazy, consumer led society we live in…. perhaps we should form a revolution! lol. Well, there;s me, and you and oh yes…. Ceridwen will probably join. But anyway, I digress…. I think that the consumers boat is just about to sink…rising interest rates, a hike in food prices, fuel as well, oh yes it’s only a metter of time. And you know what…we the already enlightened ones will hardly notice it.

    Love and brightest blessings,
    Sue xxx

  3. Thanks for your comments, likeminded ones!
    ceridwen, my mobile is likewise ancient (relatively), a hand-me-down in fact. I don’t like the trend to ever-smaller mobiles anyway, I find them awkward to hold. Perhaps one day we will be marketed bio-phones that are permanently implanted (eek!).
    Pixie Sue (love your name), a revolution has to start somewhere 🙂 Perhaps as people’s finances are stretched ever-thinner, there will be a sort of forced anti-consumerism (like during WWII).

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