Vegan Bajan fishcakes

Vegan Bajan fishcakes

These vegan accras (Bajan fishcakes) are tasty little fritters seasoned with the flavour of the sea. It is another tester recipe for Taymer and her fab blog Vegan in the Sun. You can read more interesting stuff about accras here on Tay’s blog.

We served these little morsels of faux fishy goodness with cheesy potatoes (using cheese sauce from Tay’s Bajan macaroni pie, which I also recently blogged about), vegan prawns, on-the-vine tomatoes and beetroot. Eclectic choice of foods, yes, but also very delicious!

A little side note about “fishy” flavours: I used to equate a fishy taste with fish, until I had sushi for the first time and realised that fish don’t taste of fish, they taste of seaweed. A “fishy” taste is actually a seaweed taste… a taste of the sea. So if anyone gives you the old “if you are veggie why do you want to eat something that tastes of fish”, you can tell them you like the taste of seaweed!


  1. I like that. I like the taste of seaweed so vegan 🙂
    They look just like the ones on the blog. Very good work I am impressed.

  2. okay seriously yummy looking…going to tay’s site now.

  3. Wow, those “fish” cakes look great. I completely agree on the seaweed fish taste, by the way.


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