Vegetable & tofu enchiladas

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This isn’t a very authentic Mexican recipe, as I’m pretty sure tofu isn’t used at all in traditional Mexican cuisine. However, it is exceedingly tasty.

Vegetable & tofu enchiladas in the pan

I based my recipe on one from Matt of My Veggie Kitchen. His Cheezy tofu enchiladas looked and sounded so yummy, I knew I had to make them.

I modified Matt’s recipe a bit. I sauteed the onion in olive oil instead of just simmering it in the enchilada sauce. I also added red pepper and garlic. I didn’t have any salsa on hand, so I used fresh tomatoes instead. I omitted the olives (though next time, I would use them). To add more flavour, I scrambled the tofu instead of just crumbling it in straight from the package.

I used jarred enchilada sauce instead of a homemade one.

Vegetable & tofu enchiladas

Matt’s Nacho cheeze sauce was great; because I couldn’t find pimentos or diced green chillies, I substituted a bit of red pepper simmered in water to replace those ingredients. I used twice the amount of nacho sauce for the enchiladas: 1 cup nacho sauce for half a recipe of enchiladas.

The package of organic flour tortillas I bought contained six tortillas, so I used all of them for half a recipe; this made enough for three servings.

The enchiladas were so delicious, I had to stop myself from having thirds (no hope for avoiding seconds).

A very successful result… thanks, Matt!


  1. There is nothing like a yummy enchilada. I really like the idea of adding tofu. My fave Mexican place in B’ham makes a tofu enchilada, but unfortunately it has dairy cheese and is not vegan. Now I have a vegan version I can try!

  2. Enchiladas…mmmm that looks so good woman!

    Mr Thrifty is one lucky guy and I know I’ve told you this before.

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