What I’ve been cooking lately…

I have actually been cooking lately, not that you’d know it from how few food posts there have been. Everything has turned out well though the recipes still need tweaking, but I will let you salivate over the photos.

roasted mushroom lasagna

This is a roasted mushroom lasagna, based loosely on a veganised version of this recipe from epicurious. Although I reduced the recipe proportionally, there was not nearly enough filling, so next time I will use a lot more mushrooms, and perhaps a mixture as well (oyster mushrooms are especially nice roasted). I was very pleased with how the cheezy white sauce turned out, though next time I’ll use a bit of Cheezly mozza on top as well. Instead of the prosciutto, I used some marinated roasted peppers.

This is the first time I’ve made a non-tomato lasagna that I’ve really liked, and with a few adjustments, this will be a great recipe.

I’ve also tried simmered seitan again, and this time ended up with cutlets and not brains (YAY!)

seitan cutlet

I used a recipe from vegan yumyum. I found the detailed cooking instructions very helpful… eg. this time I used a deep skillet rather than a pot, and it made it very easy to check the progress of the cutlets.

Both Mr Thrifty and I really liked the end result, though I thought it just a tad too “bouncy”, and next time I’ll add a bit of chickpea flour to reduce this. I also didn’t have Old Bay seasoning (I’ve never seen it in this country), but I used a bit of celery seed instead and LOVED the flavour it imparted to the cutlets.

And here is the jambalaya I made recently:


Actually, I’ve been using this recipe for awhile, and it’s delicious, so I really do need to write this one up to share.

I’ve also been perfecting my vegan meatball recipe, so you can look forward to that one soon.

Hope you are all having your own happy kitchen adventures!

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  1. wow, you’ve been cooking up a storm. I would totally look forward to those meals and the leftovers. I gotta get off my butt and make some seitan one of these days. I’m about to enter full on cookie mode soon, so I need something to balance out all that sugar 🙂

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