Free vegan dessert recipes

Claire from has come out with a vegan dessert cookbook called Are you sure that’s vegan? If they taste half as good as the photos look, they will be awesome!

Here’s where the free bit comes in. If you register for her free recipe newsletter, she’ll send you five recipes from the book for free, plus offer you a special price to buy the book.

If you refer five people to also sign up, you’ll get another five recipes free. Yay!

Click here to get your free recipes from Are you sure that’s vegan?


  1. I’ve just done this so I hope you get your extra 5 recipes.

  2. Ya, I got ’em, yay! You should put your link up on your blog. You’ll get five downloads fer sure.

  3. Thanks for the info! I signed up and can’t wait to try the recipes! The pictures look fantastic!

  4. Oh must do this! What are those bars? My tummy is happy just looking at them!

  5. Amanda — I think they’re Nanaimo bars, a Canadian creation of creamy chocolately goodness.

  6. Great cookbook! I’m glad i have it!

  7. Great recipes! Although I’m paleo most of vegan recipes suite me! Nice resource, thank you!

  8. How novel! A blog from the UK with Nanaimo Bars! I am in Chilliwack BC Canada and love ’em! I like the blog too as I am orignally Danish and came to the blog by way of your note on Mads Stage. I am dating a Brit though and hopefully will find some recipes that he would go for. Keep up the good work!..

  9. I agree.. this is a great resource and i also feels like I am missing a lot being a paleo 🙂

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