Handy e-numbers guide for your mobile

Mr Thrifty made up a couple of jpg files with info on e-numbers that you can download to your mobile phone/cell phone. That way, if you’re shopping and wondering if an e-number is vegan and/or if it is considered “safe” from a health point-of-view, you’ll be able to find out right then and there. Your phone will have to have to ability to view jpgs to use these files.

The information is from two sources:

E-number safety: EarthWays

Vegan e-numbers: Vegetarian Society

Here are the JPG files with the above information:

JPG of e-number safety

e-numbers safety
R = red – most dangerous
A = amber – medium risk
G = green – least harmful

JPG of vegan e-numbers

vegan e-numbers


  1. You guys are awesome but it’s always confused me as to what is vegan and what isn’t – I’m gonna print this out and stick it in my purse.

  2. Nice charter for young Kids

  3. please let me know about e 422 how this can be not vegetarian

  4. Hi Ari — Although some glycerol (E422) is vegetarian, glycerol can also be sourced as a byproduct of either animal-fat or vegetable-fat soap manufacturing, so in that case, the glycerol would not be vegetarian. More info here.

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