Onion bhaji sandwiches

bhaji sandwich

This isn’t so much a recipe as an idea.

Sometimes when Mr Thrifty and I are out somewhere and want something quick and cheap to eat, we’ll stop at the nearest supermarket for the ingredients to make these. It’s a lot tastier than fast food fare (assuming you could even find vegan fast food) and less expensive to boot.

First get yourself a baguette. This works better than regular bread, which isn’t really sturdy enough.

Next is the hoummus, any type will do (though do double-check it’s vegan).

And then, of course, the onion bhajis. Vegetable bhajis or pakoras will work as well.

Tomatoes are a nice, but optional, addition.

If the baguette is one of those big suckers, cut or tear it into pieces, then cut or tear each piece in half. Spread generously with hoummus. Add an onion bhaji or two, and top with sliced tomatoes.

That’s it! So easy and yet so tasty. And beats the heck out of a McDeath Burger.


  1. Damn – I could do with eating this RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. I wish we had more options in Tulsa like this. I am a vegetarian and have a hard time staying on track calorie wise. You have presented some terrific ideas! Love the pakora on baguete with hummus. India meets Hummus! 🙂 We have a place called Desi Wok that does indo – very good but not cheap! I make a mean low fat falafel in non stick pan, dash of cooking spray and dab of olive oil – love the deep fried ones but so much healthier. Casbah is a very good brand for dried. Also, only like Abarbic brand bread and low fat feta and cracked green olives. I have been sort of fasting for four days, living vicariously through these falafel web sites lol!

  3. Ya, love falafels but not the deep-fried aspect. Will have to try them your way sometime. Living vicariously through falafel websites, love that phrase 😀

  4. I’ve just tried this baguette and it was delicious

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