Vegan Yorkshire puddings

Vegan MoFo logoMr Thrifty has been asking me for ages to try my hand at vegan Yorkshire puddings. Since I finally have a Yorkshire pudding tin, I have no more excuses.

Vegan Yorkshire puddings

Woo hoo… success on the first try!

I cannot take credit for this creation.. it’s from the now-defunct blog They are super-easy to make, with only four ingredients: plain flour, gram (chickpea) flour, soya milk and salt.

They are sooo scrummy! Since I’ve never had traditional Yorkshire puddings, I relied on Mr Thrifty to critique their authenticity. He said the only differences between traditional ones and these vegan ones were that these had a slightly sweet taste (from the soya milk, which has a bit of sweetness that I’ve never really noticed before); and also they didn’t rise quite as much.

Roast dinner with vegan Yorkshire pudding

They were perfect with our Sunday roast dinner.

Sharing the plate is a beefy seitan roast, stuffing balls, roast potatoes, vegan gravy and stir-fried Chinese cabbage with garlic.

Inside a vegan Yorkshire pudding

For those who aren’t familiar with Yorkshire puddings (which is probably everyone outside of the UK), they’re like a pancake on the bottom with a crispy coating on the sides & top and a hollow middle. They are traditionally served with Sunday roast dinners, but Mr Thrifty has guiltily admitted to having them with curry in the past.

In future, these will make a regular appearance on the plate whenever we have a roast dinner.

The gal who created the original recipe made them in a muffin tin, and the recipe yielded six puddings, but my Yorkshire puddingn tin only has four holes. There is more batter here than is needed for four puddings, so I’ll tweak the recipe in future.

Because I’m lazy, I didn’t convert the UK “weight” measurements to US “volume” measurements, but will do so next time I make this recipe.

Here, thanks to, is the recipe for making these scrummy delights!

Vegan Yorkshire puddings

4oz  plain (all-purpose) flour

salt to taste

1 heaped teaspoon gram flour (chickpea flour, besan)

half a pint of soya milk

vegetable oil

1. Preheat oven to 230C (450F). Pour a thin layer of vegetable oil in the holes of a Yorkshire pudding or muffin tin and place in oven. The oven needs to be hot and the oil needs to be hot.

2. Mix plain flour, salt and gram flour together with a whisk. Gradually pour in the soya milk taking in the flour slowly until all the milk is added and the flour is incorporated. Whisk with all your might until you can see bubbles. (I used the whisk attachment of my stick blender.) Note: the batter will be very thin, much thinner than pancake batter. It’s supposed to be that way.

3. Carefully remove tin from oven and fill the holes. If using a muffin tin, fill half way up; if using a Yorkshire pudding tin, fill all the way up. Put back in oven and cook for about 20 minutes. Don’t open the oven door to check them, as the oven needs to stay really hot. If your oven cooks hotter at the back than the front (like mine), you can rotate the tin halfway through, but do it quickly.



  1. This looks absolutely lovely! And something my husband would love as well. I always admire your talents, and you always make me hungry!!

  2. You’re right: I’d heard of Yorkshire Puddings and never knew what they were. But they look a lot like the American custardy-type popover. And they look good!

  3. They look fab. Yorkshire puddings made with eggs don’t always rise, so these are still brilliant.

  4. YOU HAVE A POCKET!!! This is one of the foods I’d given up on veganizing. I’ve tried so many vegan recipes and been disappointed so many times.

    Since that blog isn’t around anymore, any chance you can repost the recipe?

  5. Hi mollyjade — Yes, I plan on posting the recipe. I hope to be caught up with all that stuff by the weekend. 🙂

  6. wowza! making vegan puds before mofo’s end is one of my goals! thanks so much for posting!

  7. I LOVE you!!!!

    I cannot wait to get home and make these. Oh wait…there’s no recipe.

  8. Again…Mr Thrifty is one lucky guy!

    I used to have yorkies and roast beef growing up…it’s such a treat.

    Haven’t had any in years…and you broke the mould hon. You’re the first person I know that has made vegan yorkies. You’re gonna be my friend for a long long time! lol

    As for the rise factor…were your pans super hot with the hot oil? The trick is not to open the oven to keep the temp super high.

  9. Jeni — don’t worry, the recipe will be posted by the time you get home. 🙂
    Denny — the pans were hot, but probably could have been hotter. Mr Thrifty did turn them half way through because otherwise they would have burned at the back (our oven is like that, unfortunately). But he was super quick.

  10. YAY!
    I’m making these tonight!

  11. Can’t believe the only flour I have is wholemeal and strong bread flour!!!

  12. These were amazing!! Ive been looking for a recipe for ages – Ive tried others & they were not quite there. This one really re-creates those Yorkshire Puddings! Thanks!

  13. Is the pan for these like a “muffin top” pan? I have one of those where the tin part is shallow, not deep like a cupcake tin, but just deep enough to mimic the “top” of a big muffin. I’m thinking I could use that to try this.

  14. Hi Lori — I’m not sure what a muffin top pan is like. You can see a picture of a Yorkshire pudding tin here. Good luck!

  15. I just tried the yorkshire puddings and they were yum. I too, used sweetened soya milk as I had nothing else. It tasted more like a dessert so a bit odd with the rest of my savoury meal but I’m happy 🙂 The meat eating boyfriend and housemate also enjoyed them.

  16. Add a teaspoons of baking powder to every half a pint of milk to help it rise much better. The trick is also a very hot oven to heat the oil and tin. take out when its smoking, quickly add a small amount of the batter mixture to no more than half the depth of the hole and back in the oven and cook for exactly 15 minutes. Do not open the open while they are cooking, as they will fail to rise. If its not cooking in 15 minutes your mixture is too deep or your oven is not hot enough.

  17. Simple & brilliant – estimated the quantities, threw it in a crap oven and it still worked!
    OMFG I am so happy – gearing up for cashew, chilli, kidney bean & mushroom roast, roast parsnip, spuds & beetroot, carrots,peas,cabbage,gravy…AND BEAUTIFUL VEGAN YORKSHIRES!!!

    Thanks Felicity!

  18. I can’t wait to get the ingredients and try this. And by the way, I’m in Canada and I can assure you Yorkshire Pudding has made the pond-jump intact. I was raised on these, and I haven’t had them since I went vegan about 15 years ago. I’m anxious to try them, combined with the excellent suggestion from adey to incorporate baking soda. I’ll let you know how I fare!

  19. I have to make these.

    We are British vegans and have really been missing Yorkies…might try them with unsweetened soya milk though.

    Yours look good but they didn’t rise properly; I’d try super super hot oil and a pinch of baking powder. They should look like a cup; google them and you’ll see what I mean!

  20. I have to say, flavour-wise, the Yorshire’s which I made were fantastic – this is the first recipe I have found without “egg substitute” which I avoid like the plague. Mine also didn’t rise an awful lot, but now, having this recipe, I reckon a few experiments might lead to success. Thanks for everything.

  21. vegan yorkshire pudding with a roast – that’s a contradiction on a plate – nut roast I hope.

    love your blog have a look at mine – i have just started blogging:

    feel free to leave a comment or follow if you like

  22. I made these.. look and taste awesome but only the outside was cooked 25 mins in. Took 45 minutes or maybe more before cookedx

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