Vegetable harvest yields

This is a handy chart for calculating how much produce can be grown in a given space using a bed system.

It’s from the book Solar Gardening: Growing vegetables year-round the American intensive way by Leandre Poisson and Gretchen Vogel Poisson (ISBN 0-930031-69-5).

For a printable PDF copy, click here.

The chart shows the average yield for a 4′ x 8′ bed (32 square feet, or about three square metres). Depending on the conditions, the yield can be higher or lower than this. Last year we harvested over 30 pounds of potatoes in one of our allotment beds (which are slightly smaller than 4′ x 8′). Conversely, there’s no way in a British climate you’ll be able to grow 28 pounds of watermelon or 45 pounds of sweet potatoes in a 32 square foot area!

It’s a great starting point, though, for figuring out how much space to dedicate to each crop.

Happy gardening!


  1. Again, I wish I had a greener thumb. Although I have been considering trying my hand at container gardening on my deck. My herbs did pretty well this summer. Any suggestions for good books?

  2. Hi CM — The only book I have on container gardening is “The Edible Container Garden” by Michael Guerra (ISBN 978-0684854618). It’s pretty good, has both practical info as well on tips on design. Another couple that look interesting: “Patio Produce” by Paul Peacock (ISBN 978-1905862283); and “The Window-box Allotment” by Penelope Bennett (ISBN 978-0091882563). You can preview quite a few pages of Patio Produce on (not, though).

    My FIL had great success growing tomatoes this summer against a sunny side of his house, in growbags. I’ve taken a couple of photos, and will be posting them soon.

  3. Amazing post…..worth reading it and sharing on facebook…

  4. This is fantastic, and just what I have been looking to find for quite a while now. Thanks for sharing!!

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