Yet more vegan noshes

Here are a few more piccies of vegan stuff I found to eat on my trip to Canada.

Little Caesars vegan pizza

Little Caesars veggie pizza

Both the crust and the sauce at Little Caesars are vegan, so it’s a doddle to order a vegan pizza. They weren’t chintzy on the veggies either. I did miss the Cheezly that I have on homemade pizzas, but it was still really yummy. $10.99 for a large pizza.

New York fries

New York Fries

These are nothing like fast food fries (and that’s a good thing). They leave the skin on the taters, for one, and they’re fried in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil (unlike, say, McDeaths, who fry theirs in beef tallow).

Not only that, but you can load them up with your choice of toppings: onion, chopped tomatoes, olives, pickled onion, hot peppers, relish, ketchup, mustard, two different hot sauces, two different vinegars, and two seasoning powders.

Super yummtastic. Around $2.85 for a small order.

Extreme Pita falafel

Falafel at Extreme Pita

This was really good, though not as nice as the falafel at Happy Camel. $5.79 for a “small”, which actually was a good size.

Veggie sub at Quiznos

Veggie Sub at Quiznos

Mmmm, delicious, most especially because it had guacamole on it. More pricey than Subway, though, $5.99 for a small.

Peking veggie beef hotpot

Oriental Veggie House

Very tasty food at this Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Not as good as the Bo Kong in Vancouver, but still deelish. Above photo is Peking veggie beef hotpot. Also had lemon “chicken”, roast “duck”, mushroom fried rice, stir-fried veggies and spring rolls. You can peruse their menu here.

Vegan taco at Taco Bell

Taco at Taco Bell

At first glance, the menu at Taco Bell doesn’t have any veggie (never mind vegan) options. But you can substitute refried beans for meat in anything. This is a crispy taco with beans, lettuce, tomato and hot sauce. mmm, mmm, good. And only 99 cents.

And on the flight back:

Saag aloo with rice and chutney

Saag aloo with rice and chutney

Again, pretty decent for airline food, though I would have appreciated some garlic in the saag aloo. The chutney was a nice touch. Also had a small white dinner roll, marinated bean salad, small bottle of water, and for dessert, the typical thing vegans get served when no one knows what else to give them: fruit salad.

All in all, I have to say it was pretty easy to find vegan food in Canada. Next I’ll be blogging about some food booty I brought back with me, including totally-to-die-for organic vegan maple sandwich biscuits!


  1. Oh my…. Canada sure does get my vote for vegan eats.
    Welcome home.

    *pops kettle on*


  2. Welcome home! Or “there!”

    Glad you found so much to eat. Whenever I take my daughter to the mall (what we do for our kids…) her favorite thing to get is a bean burrito. And yes, you can get it without cheese and with extra vegetables, for cheaper than anything else in the food court. One of her schoolmates’ brothers worked at TB and confirmed that the refried beans were indeed vegan.

  3. That falafel looks really tasty. Sounds like you had a good trip!

  4. Nice..I’m going to be referring back to your posts next time I hit the road!

  5. Hon so sorry for the late comment but have been real swamped with work. Am always thinking of ya tho!

    Now that saag aloo looks a tad miserable to me! I love saag aloo and have certainly seen better ones but eh, airline food, can’t expect much.

    Little Caesar’s! I’ve always associated it with trips to K-mart cause where I lived, it seemed to be the only place that had little Caesar’s.

    Lastly Quizno’s…which I haven’t frequented in ages too (me no eat out much – cheapberry) I remember being madly in love with the sweet relish/pickled onions thing.

    Canadians rock btw!

  6. McDonald’s fries have not been fried in Beef Tallow since 1990. They switched to vegetable oil which an additive “natural flavor” to make it taste as close to the original tallow/cottonseed mix as they could.

    Unfortunately that natural flavor is Beef Extract. Doh!

    Hey btw I’m the opposite, I’m a Englishman in Canada. While not vegan I am vegetarian and man do I miss Quorn. That stuff used to be my staple. I go mad on it whenever I go back.

    I contacted Quorn to see why they won’t sell it in Canada (they do sell it in the US) and it’s because they enrich it with vitamins that the Canadian FDA won’t pass it as a regular food it has to be labelled and levied in some odd fashion.

  7. Hi AJC — Ha, leave it to McDonalds to take one step forward and two back. I think their fries in Canada may still be fried in tallow… I remember calling their head office in Vancouver in the early 90s and being told they were. It would be interesting to see what they say now.

    When I see the amazing variety of Quorn products, and their availability in shops, it makes me wish it was vegan. I am glad they switched to free-range eggs in their products, at least.

    Yes the Canadian FDA has some strange rules! One wonders how much influence the beef and dairy industry has had on food labelling.

  8. i just saw that you had a taco bell taco with refried beans instead of meat and just wanted to let you know that their beans are not vegetarian. you should try their spanish rice, its so much better and vegan!

  9. Krista — thanks for the info. I did read that their refried beans were vegetarian (didn’t used to be, but are now), but next time I’m travelling I’ll check again with them to get the latest info. Spanish rice sounds good!

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