Cauliflower, potato & chickpea curry

Vegan MoFo logoMmmm, I love Indian food… such an explosion of flavours. Tonight, my culinary journey took me away from Europe and over to the Indian subcontinent.

Cauliflower, potato & chickpea curry

I’m pretty particular about Indian food, and I find it a challenge to create curries at home which rival our local takeaway’s.

This is one curry that is better… oh so much better… than the takeaway’s.

It started out as Aloo chole from the blog Mahanandi, with a few adjustments and the addition of cauliflower. So I guess that would make it Aloo gobi chole.

We decided to do the fusion thing, and made Indian burritos: tortilla wraps stuffed with curry and chopped fresh tomato, chives, vegan raita and lettuce.

It really is one of those meals you just can’t wait to make again.

And… well, you just know what I’m going to say… I’ll be providing the recipe soon.


  1. I had to do a double-take..mexican? indian? It looks amazing!! Can’t wait for the recipe!

  2. I know you can’t possible hear it but my tummy is growling right now:(

  3. I love the idea of an Indian burrito. There is nothing quite like a really good curry. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

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