Mushroom & vegan pepperoni pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?

Tonight I wanted to make a mushroom and pepperoni-type pizza. At first I was going to make seitan pepperoni, but then I came across a recipe for pepperoni topping made from TVP from Joni at JustTheFood.

I made half the recipe and tweaked the seasonings somewhat (using just 1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke, which was about right for our tastebuds; less cayenne and salt; and fennel instead of aniseed.)

Next time I will lightly saute the mixture before topping the pizza, because it was too moist for my thin-crust pizza and I really had to cook it well to firm the crust.

But the taste and texture were great! I am sold on TVP toppings for pizza. Next time I’m in the mood for a meaty-type pizza I am going to try making Italian-sausage flavoured TVP.

I used Cheezly super-melting cheese (which melts best when it’s put directly on top of the sauce, underneath the toppings), sauteed mushrooms and onions, and fresh grape tomatoes.



  1. That looks delicious and thanks for the thumbs up with the TVP topping. I am most definitely gonna try that.

  2. Can’r believe I’ve only just found your blog! I love TVP and am very lazy, so as an alternative to seitan pepperoni, this sounds GREAT!

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