Viana chickenless nuggets

Occasionally I buy faux meaty things instead of making them myself… but sometimes it’s research, ya know, so that I can try to back-engineer the products to make at home.

My favourite company for back-engineering attempts is German company Viana. They make a huge range of vegan faux meaty things, and all of the ones I’ve tried are scrumptious. They use less processed ingredients (like tofu & wheat gluten), rather than stuff like “isolated soy protein”, which makes back-engineering easier.

Tonight we had Viana “Chickin nuggets”. They were good-sized and had minimal coating on them, which made them seem very substantial. The flavour was a bit different to other faux chicken things I’ve had, not as “chickeny”, but very tasty nonetheless. I’d definitely buy them again (if I can’t figure out how to duplicate them, that is).

We served them with homemade potato wedges and vegan Caesar salad.



  1. Can’t wait for you to back engineer those little beauties!

  2. Just ran across your blog and love it! Very inspiring. Can’t wait to try many of the recipes and read more about the wine making.

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