Our lovely Lola

Lovely Lola

Meet our newest family member, the lovely Lola.

She was abandoned on the doorstep of a cat rehoming centre, and being black, elderly, arthritic and deaf, had little chance of adoption. Which is why we adopted her.

She is the sweetest soul, very gentle and loving. She loves kisses and cuddles and catnip. Lola has a very loud meow, as she cannot hear herself talking.

Both Mr Thrifty and I are totally in love with her.


  1. Hello Lola…welcome to the internet world, you sweet lil’ thing.

    You have a good home. You are safe now. I know your mommy…you’ve got a good one:)

    Auntie Denny

  2. This just made my day! Lola looks absolutely lovely, and you and Mr Thrifty are wonderful to give her a home. 🙂

  3. She is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you that you all found each other.

  4. Thank you for being a loyal reader,my friend.

    It’s never a farewell with us.

    You know where to find me:)

    Back scratches for Lola.

  5. Awwww…..welcome to Lola.



  6. That’s a good deed!

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