Snow! (and lunch at M&S)


We finally had snow on Monday. It was very pretty when the snow was falling, big fat fluffy flakes covering the ground and everything else. Mr Thrifty had a couple days booked off, so we went to the mall. People are wimps about snow here, so there weren’t many people out and about, and the mall was relatively quiet.

We stopped at the food hall at Marks & Spencer, with the thought of picking up something for lunch. I like M&S. They not only have high quality groceries, they also have in place a policy called Plan A (“Because there is no Plan B”). Which means, in their words, they are taking steps to “combat climate change, reduce waste, safeguard natural resources, trade ethically and build a healthier nation”.

I realise that may sound like a lot of corporate mumjo-jumbo-tell-the-customer-what-they-want-to-hear, but they have taken some concrete steps, such as only using free-range eggs in their products, and only selling products which are not tested on animals (which also applies to the product ingredients).

Peperonata foccacia

Anyhoo, back to lunch. In the bakery we spied some Peperonata Foccacia, which looked delicious. The allergy tag didn’t say it contained dairy or egg, but we asked the bakery person to look in his book of ingredients just to be sure. Oh joy! The foccacia was vegan! All natural ingredients too… no preservatives or other big unfriendly-looking chemical names.

I have to say that for 99p, it is one of the best takeaway lunches you could have. It was delicious, nice moist dough and tasty toppings. We’ll definitely be having that again.

And, oh yeah, about the snow. It warmed up above freezing the next day, so it quickly started to melt.

Today there is still some left on the ground, but not much.

So I guess that is our snowy weather, done and dusted for another year.


  1. “People are wimps about snow here…”

    Well Miss Canada 2008, most ppl are wimps comparing where you hailed from. tee hee.

    Ohh I do love M & S and I remember waaay back when some of their food products were called St.Michael’s, they had these lovely cheesybits crackers that I absolutely adored. I also remember chocs biscuits from them. Lots of foodie memories from this store.

    Isn’t it just wonderful when you discover food that looks amazing is actually edible???

    Little pleasures like this makes me happy.

    Vegan foccacia that my friend got to eat 🙂

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of Marks and Sparks too and they’re nowhere near as expensive and elitist as they used to be!

  3. we are a little wimpy about snow in B’ham too. I know I am. Well, I guess I could say we are ill-equipped and unprepared for snow, so when it happens it sends us all into a flurry. 🙂

    An entire store where nothing is tested on animals? that sounds so awesome.

  4. a well deserved swell head 😉

  5. that looks so yummy. I remember going there while I was visiting England. I really liked that store.

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