Musical interlude

Susan Boyle

I don’t usually post videos, but I had to share this one for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Susan Boyle appeared on the TV programme Britain’s Got Talent back in April. Have a watch and let me know what you think.



  1. Well – I’ve been clicking back to that YouTube clip for last coupla weeks at intervals. Its not my taste in music – far from! – but it still makes me react the same time every time. I still grin and get a bit tearful. I hope she doesnt change too much – as part of the “attraction” is her personality – the sheer fact of just how much she is obviously enjoying herself. She clearly has a very good voice – and, yes, its a combination of amusing/annoying why people react so strongly to a voice like that coupled with such an unprepossessing appearance – why the heck SHOULD the two bear any relationship to each other? I am enjoying just how much she is obviously enjoying herself and yep the (hyped I know) background – as in she hasnt had much of a life to date. So – yeh…I still hope she “makes it” and think “good on her” and can see that part of the “attraction” is the “you never know – you too could have a mundane or worse life – and then BINGO – all your Christmases come at once” scenario. I think shes inadvertently tapped into the “you never know – someone/somewhere might just appreciate ME” thing that many of us have going on in our heads. I guess many of us think/hope that we are “special” – and once in a very blue moon – yep…perhaps we really are….

  2. Well, I’ve heard about it on the radio but never have actually seen it, so thanks for posting it! I saw how all those people were smirking at her before she began singing, and it really rankled me… so I’m so glad she had the last laugh. Thanks for posting it!

  3. What an amazing voice! She gave me goose bumps a good few times!

  4. It is one of those magic ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ moments.

    So far, the only one close is ‘Stavros Flatley’ to be found on Youtube.


    Little linky…..! Do watch it, so funny.

  6. Bwaaaahaaahaaa… thanks for that. Hilarious!

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