Vegan okara “meat”loaf

One of the great British traditions is the Sunday Roast. Never mind that a Sunday Roast usually consists of carved up pieces of animals, vegan roast dinners are just so much better!

Today I decided to make a “meat”loaf, and chose this recipe from Hardcore Herbivore, made with TVP, oats and seasonings.

I took the suggestion in one of the comments to substitute half the TVP with okara. I wasn’t sure whether to use “wet” okara (straight out of the soymilk maker), or okara that had been squeezed dry. I ended up using squeezed-dry okara, but with enough water added to make it about the consistency of okara straight from the soymilk machine.

I used leftover pasta sauce instead of ketchup. (There is somewhat of a ketchup emergency here at the moment.)

I made half a recipe, and instead of baking it in a loaf pan, used three ramekins instead.

The “meat”loaf turned out really well, though it was still a bit soft on the inside after baking, so I’ll tweak the recipe slightly next time.

We also had roast potatoes (obviously), brussels sprouts, maple roasted squash & parsnips and braised leeks. And gravy, of course.

Which just proves that a delicious, satisfying roast dinner can easily be made without any animal products whatsoever. Yay!

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